TED University – Conversations with Turkey’s Career Pioneers

The first guest of Conversations with Turkey’s Career Pioneers in March was Microsoft Turkey General Manager Responsible for Public Affairs Levent Erkan. Mr. Erkan made an amusing opening with a presentation he compiled from the videos of Ata Demirer and Fatih Terim’s speeches in English.

Mr. Erkan told the students that he went to England for 9 months when he was only 11 years old and how it helped to improve his language skills despite his young age. He also stressed the importance of his English language skills which enabled him to start his post-graduate studies in America and went on by explaining his employment journey back in the country.

Microsoft Turkey Sales Manager Mr. Coşkun Dolanbay also attended the presentation of Mr. Erkan and the conversation turned into an interactive session. Mr. Dolanbay introduced himself as a futurist and mentioned the importance of communication in the future instead of language skills. He specified that universities are for obtaining diplomas and that English is a valuable means for a vivid career.

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