• Founder of WEglobal which is growing in 4 Continents about Project Management, Technology, and Sustainable Development Consultancy
  • Received Award for “Leadership in Excellence” by London Stock Exchange PLC, “Best Project Management Consultant” and Multiple Impact Projects Awards.
  • Certified Professional Project Manager
  • Registered Angel Investor
  • Published more than 25 Articles
  • Worked in St Louis, Ft Lauderdale, Miami, Jacksonville, Charlotte, New Jersey, and New York City in the US as Project and Change Management Consultant
  • Regional Manager at Wall Street, New York
  • Founder of DeLeeuw International Consultancy Company. Grew and merged with a UK-based Company, and continued as Global Region Head.
  • Managed the Group Portfolio of Companies in the US, Europe, Middle East, North Africa, Central Asia, and Balkans
  • Member of Leadership Team as Deputy General Manager for Microsoft at Public Sector Leader and the Champion for “Diversification and Inclusion in Turkey
  • Fulfilling the Social Responsibility as the Board Member of TED Ankara College for Education, Technology and Sports and Board Member of Yuvam Dünya about Climate and Volunteer Member of Helpzone about Climate and Migration.
  • Instructor at TOBB University for MBA Students about Project Management
  • Keynote Speaker and Mentor about Project Management, Strategy Management, and Technology.
  • 3 Times Marathon Finisher: 42 km Runner in New York 2002 and in Istanbul 2013 and in Stockholm 2014.