International Ankara Brands Meetup, 28 November 2019

The International Ankara Brands Meetup, a three-day event, hosted many guests and speakers from all around the world. On the first day of the event, experts from many fields gave panels and training sessions about various topics.

Levent Erkan also attended the event as a speaker. He focused on the impact of climate change on branding processes with his speech entitled “Climate Change – Its Impact on Your Brand and You”. Erkan said “Businesses should consider the climate change factor on their branding processes. He gave examples both from Turkey and abroad on how companies are now developing projects to reduce their carbon footprint. He also mentioned that at the beginning of 2019, WEglobal aimed to reduce plastic usage rate in its offices, and now having reached its goal, the use of plastic material is near to none.

Climate change is a real issue and even the tiniest thing to protect it, like closing the tap while brushing your teeth or not rinsing the dishes before putting them in the machine, will help protect the environment. Be aware, be vigilant and be positive.


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