FUTURE OF INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECTS: Technical Assistance and Surveillance Project for Bulancak Sewage and Waste Water Treatment Plant

FUTURE OF INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECTS: Technical Assistance and Surveillance Project for Bulancak Sewage and Waste Water Treatment Plant

In this month’s article, we cover the Project of Providing Technical Support and Supervision within the scope of Bulancak Sewage and Waste Water Treatment Plant, which is being carried out by Bulancak Municipality with the technical support of WYG International, which completed its 1st year in June 2014.

Within the scope of the project, we think you will enjoy the interview we had with the Mayor of Bulancak, Mr. Recep YAKAR, about the future of infrastructure projects in Turkey, the purpose and activities of the project.

  • Improving the Environmental Infrastructure is one of the priority areas of EU financial aid provided to our country in the period of 2007-2014 in the process of Turkey’s accession to the EU. In this context, one of the projects carried out in the Black Sea continues in Bulancak. First of all, can we get your thoughts on the infrastructure projects carried out in our country and the future of the projects?

The Environmental Operational Program, prepared by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, is the most basic action and planning document that Turkey can use to improve its performance in the environmental sector. Within the framework of the Program covering the period 2007 – 2009, areas and projects approved by the European Union Commission and which should be prioritized in the environmental sector of our country have been determined. The majority of these evaluations are clustered around the water and wastewater sectors, which are areas open to development in our country. Increasing the quality of potable water and reducing water loss, which are the main focuses of this Program, and improving the wastewater and house connection lines are among the important components of the Bulancak Project.

We think that the Bulancak Project is a good example showing the level reached by the Infrastructure project implementations in our country in terms of its scope and objectives. The sensitivity started at the local level in Ordu and then in Bulancak Municipality, followed by the Central Administration ( Ministry of Environment and Urbanization) and other relevant units, and then with the involvement of the DABLAS Task Force and European Union beyond the borders of the country and with their support, it will be possible for us to provide the coming generation with a better protected environment and cleaner clean water resources.

  • Can you briefly talk about the Bulancak Water and Sewerage Project? What kind of services will be provided for Bulancak within the scope of your project, what are the project activities?

The scope of the project covers Well Water Structures (Drilling of new wells and renewal of existing ones), replacement of house connections (7000 units), renewal of the water distribution network (approximately 103.6 km), construction of new water tanks and restoration of existing tanks, construction of new pumping stations. and renewal of existing ones. With the renewal of the 22.64 km transmission line, establishment of the chlorination system, establishment of the local monitoring system, prevention of water leakage and loss, and increasing the quality of drinking water, which is our most important goal, and also with the wastewater treatment plant to be built, the wastewater will be discharged as purified and disinfected.

  • Can you inform us about the Bulancak Water and Sewerage Management Directorate, which is envisaged to be established within the scope of the project?

In this context, our primary goal of effective and reliable wastewater management is the establishment of a semi-autonomous Water-Sewer Service Unit (BULASKI) with transparent accounts, effective operational and financial management techniques, in accordance with international accounting standards, and thus necessary capacity building activities are carried out within the scope of establishing an effective and reliable wastewater management system in EU norms. It is aimed to make the necessary analyzes (Administrative, Financial, Technical) for the establishment and operation of this unit, and accordingly to prepare capacity building and training programs, and to develop the professional and technical capacities of the municipality personnel by implementing these programs.

  • How much of the project activities have been completed? When is the project expected to be completed?

The Drinking Water Supply and Improvement Project should be completed in August 2015. However, the wastewater project is currently at the tender stage and is scheduled to start in June 2015 and be completed in December 2016.

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