Ekonometri January-February 2009 Issue: EU Project Implementations and its Benefits, An Example: EKOSEP
Ekonometri March-April 2009 Issue: Examples from Projects “On the Road to EU”: İGEP
Ekonometri July-August 2011 Issue: Vocational Qualifications Authority
Ekonometri September-October 2011 Issue: Where is Turkey’s Employment Strategy
Ekonometri November-December 2011 Issue: Registered Employment in Turkey
AB Kriter May 2012 Issue:  Two Direction Indicators in Project Management:  PMI and PCM
Ekonometri January-February 2012 Issue: “Participatory Strategic Governance” Project and Increasing the Governance Capacities of Local Administrations
Ekonometri March-April 2012 Issue: EFQM Excellence Project
Ekonometri July-August 2012 Issue: Improving Life Long Learning in Turkey
Ekonometri September-October 2012 Issue: IT Components in European Union Projects
Ekonometri November-December 2012 Issue: A new breath to Human Resources Practices from Turkey-EU Relations perspective: Kaizen
Ekonometri January-February 2013 Issue:  PMI and PCM Methodologies: Different Approaches in Project Management
Ekonometri March-April 2013 Issue:  EU harmonization process at Local Level: New EU project in our Cities
Ekonometri May-June 2013 Issue:  A Look to Human Resources Operatioonal Programme from Portugal
Ekonometri July-August 2013 Issue:  Entrepreneurship and On-the Job Training: Youth Employment
Ekonometri September-October 2013 Issue:  Participation and Transparency Increases at Local Administrations
Ekonometri November-December 2013 Issue:  Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy and Competition
Ekonometri March – April 2014 Issue:  Social Inclusion Through Employment within the scope of Turkey – EU Relations: Disadvantaged Groups
Ekonometri May-June 2014 Issue:  Heath Sector in Turkey – EU Relations and New Health Projects
Ekonometri July-August 2014 Issue:  One of the most Important Problem Field Waiting for a Solution in Turkey: Women Employment
Ekonometri November – December 2014 Issue:  European Union and Town Twinning Program
Ekonometri January – Februarty 2015 Issue:  Future of the Infrastructure Projects / Bulancak Water and Wastewater Project

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